Put-in at the boat launch in Medway, Niketaweyess or Nicatous, Forked outlet. The two forks are the east and west branches of the Penobscot, Penawahpskek, Water flowing over white rocks. At 4.5 miles, pass Faith Island, which was a peninsula until the Mattaseunk Dam ponded it in 1949.     The paddle from Medway is all flatwater ponded by the dam, more like lake paddling. Scenic forested lands with little to no access give a wilderness feel.     At 7.5 miles, the Mattaseunk Dam, named for a tributary downstream, is portaged river right on a rough trail (small sign). You must portage and keep going, as there is no access for entering or leaving the river. River left is Weldon Station, which controls the dam. The bank is steep and high.     River left at the dam has no portage trail. It is possible to take out, or put in, just below the dam, river left up a rather steep bank with log steps to ME Rt. 157 at a roadside picnic table.

Length (miles)

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