Easy rapids and small islands are frequent along this stretch, which is a mix of forested and pastoral land.  Larger Snow Island is 3 miles down followed by Sebonibus Rapids (Class I/II). Pass the North Lincoln boat launch at 5 miles at a small bridge, followed by large Hersey Island. Nearing “urban” Lincoln, you paddle around Mattanawcook Island’s north side to a power line crossing. Take a right into smaller Medunkeunk Stream, Quick drop; refers to a waterfall upstream past the campsite.  Paddle 1/10  mile up this stream to the campsite on the right.

If you are not camping, continue down the Penobscot to either the Lincoln or the South Lincoln boat launch.

Of interest, Mattanawcook Island was the central Wabanaki village for centuries, no longer populated. Mattanawcook, Matenenakok, Short stream before reaching the lake, is applied to a lake, a stream, and the island.


  • To Medunkeunk Stream campsite (about 10 miles)
  • Lincoln boat launch (about 12 miles)
  • South Lincoln boat launch (about 14 miles)
Length (miles)

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