This segment of the trip takes you past high, scenic Mahockanock Island, Namokanok, Island of elevated land, Turtle island, opposite the South Lincoln boat launch. Pass on either side of the island if you are continuing down the river.     Shortly after you pass Mahockanock Island, you will see Mattamiscontis Stream come in from river right: Matamehskahtis, The little alewife location. When you get to Mohawk Island, the campsite is river right behind a bar island west of Mohawk’s southern tip, just before reaching Penobscot River Cabins, river right. Campsite to be made in 2020. The cabins and the campsite are owned by Mary and Jeff Arrants. If you miss the campsite, inquire at the Cabins.     Continuing down river, pass 2 more large islands: Beatham and Gordon. For the next 3 miles the river widens and becomes more sluggish from ponding by the West Enfield Dam. You reach Merrill Brook Cabins (with a campsite) and a boat launch at the mouth of Merrill Brook just upstream of the dam.     Merrill Brook Cabins has the last campsite, to be finished 2020 for a fee, before portaging the dam. The portage requires you to take-out at the boat launch, walk ¼ mile down the road, circle outside a chain link fence, and go downhill to the river. Inquire at Merrill Brook Cabins for possible assistance with the portage.

Length (miles)

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