After portaging the West Enfield Dam, Howland is where the Piscataquis River, Pskehtekis, Little branch river, comes in from river right, through a passage created for migrating fish to by-pass the dam across the Piscataquis in order to spawn upstream. The whitewater stream/fish passage was engineered in 2016 by the Penobscot River Restoration Project. If you are paddling the Penobscot from above the West Enfield Dam, add the portage time/effort plus an extra mile from Merrill Brook boat launch, or an extra 4 miles from Penobscot River Cabins campsite.

From the Howland boat launch below the dam, it is 4 miles to the mouth of the Passadumkeag River, Pasitamkikek, Stream at the place above the gravel bar, boat launch, and Passadumkeag Point Campground, river left, with a store for resupply and short order food. Tentsites for paddlers are available for a fee. (This is a good destination if you paddled from Penobscot River Cabins, for a distance of 9 miles plus the portage.) From Passadumkeag Point Campground, it is about 10 miles to the boat launch in Greenbush on river left, or 11 miles to the Argyle campsite, river right opposite Foster Island. The owner, Peter Crockett, lives on the land. completed The entire day’s paddle is checkered with islands, large and small, gentle rapids, and flanked by silver maple floodplains along the shorelines.

To review, just past Passadumkeag Point, a Class I rapid needs attention, then numerous islands. Olamon Stream goes out river left around Olamon Island. Olamon Stream, Welamanessihtek, Stream of the red clay quarry, is where red paint pigment, iron oxide in the form of hematite, comes from. Olamon Stream comes back in 1.8 miles later from river left and Hoyt Brook comes in river right. In another mile, pass large Sugar Island, Pemewayiminekikatohk, Place of the sugar plums, followed a mile later where Hemlock Stream, Pimskamkihtek, Sandy crooked river, comes in river right at Hemlock, Birch, and Cow islands. Take-out at the Greenbush boat launch, river left, or camp on river right at the campsite opposite Foster Island.

Length (miles)

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