Between Greenbush/Argyle and the place where the river divides into 2 channels at Ebers Point, you pass several long islands and silver maple floodplains on both sides of the river. ME Rt. 2 follows the east shoreline closely and traffic sounds may join the calls of birds and gurgle of easy rapids. About 4 miles below the Greenbush boat launch, the Costigan boat launch, river left on the east side, on ME Rt. 2, offers an additional point of access.   

About 7 miles down from Greenbush/Argyle, the Penobscot splits into 2 channels around Orson Island and others. Turn right at Ebers Point onto the Ketawamkihtek, Long Sandy Stream, and paddle ¼ mile along the right shore to the campsite, located on a dry knoll above the floodplain.  From the campsite, you can backtrack out to the main channel, and proceed between Orson Island and Indian Island.  That is the safest, most direct route.  If you go river left near Rt.2 you will encounter ledge drops and rapids at Joe Pease Rips.   

Alternatively, if you prefer to add 3 miles to your paddle, you can leave the campsite   and head northwest downstream past the Twin Islands, past the Birch Stream Boat Launch, circling Orson Island back to Indian Island and the portage of the Milford Dam.

To get to the Birch Stream boat launch to take out, continue up the side channel, past the campsite, passing the Twin Islands, passing the boom islands, and you will come to a small boat launch next to a bridge crossing Birch Stream (Maskesisipo, Stream at the place of birch). This is about 1 ½  mile past the campsite, at the mouth of Birch Stream on ME Rt. 116.

Length (miles)

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