From the Orono boat launch, add one mile to the following directions: Starting from the “Penobby” campsite, paddle through Class I/II rapids 2 miles to the Eddington boat launch, river left.     Get ready to paddle Veazie Rapids, Wapanopentek, White waterfall cascade for the next mile, at the site of the former Veazie Dam, removed in 2013 by the Penobscot River Restoration Project. Stay river right for the best line. The rapids can be challenging in medium or high water, Class II/III, especially with a loaded canoe. Shortly past the rapids, the Veazie Salmon Club is river right.     Another half mile of easier rapids takes you to Eddington Bend, the highest extent of tidal influence on the river. The Eddington Salmon Club, river left, has a small adjacent boat launch. In less than 2 miles there is another boat launch, river left in North Brewer. Two more miles takes you over the former Bangor Dam, Pemecicewak, Where the current tumbles downward, referring to Class III standing waves and holes at high water, low tide; rocky rapids at low water, low tide; smooth water at high tide. On river right is the brick building of the former Waterworks. On river left, just past the old concrete abutment to the dam, the campsite and take-out are located at the Penobscot Salmon Club

Length (miles)

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