The Penobscot Salmon Club is at the end of the whitewater in the Penobscot. From here down, the river is tidal, with water levels and currents changing according to tide flow, all flatwater, wider, with geology changing from floodplains to steep forested banks and bluffs, once you are past the urban Bangor/Brewer section.   

The first mile from the Penobscot Salmon Club crosses under two bridges, with opportunities for food shopping river left, and dining on both sides of the river. Kenduskeag Stream, Khataskkihtek, Stream with water parsnips, Place of eel weirs, comes in from river right, and just past it, a small set of granite steps provides access on river left behind the Save-a-Lot grocery.     

One mile later, you cross under a third bridge, and 2 miles beyond it, Sedgeunkedunk Stream, Sekatatakkih tak, Stream with depressed level or horizontal banks, comes in on river left, half a mile above Hamlin’s Marina and boat launch, and McLaughlin’s Restaurant and take-out on river right. In another 2 miles, Souadabscook Stream, Nsawatapskek, The rock centrally placed, comes in on river right, and from there it is 5 miles to the South Orrington boat launch on river left.     In another 2.5 miles, you reach Pierpont campsite on river right in North Winterport, just before a marina.

Length (miles)

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