Penobscot River Paddling Trail


Join us for a trip on the Penobscot River Paddling Trail!

Summer 2023 PRPT trips are by reservation only and limited to 12.

Campsites will accommodate about 12 people. For trip details and reservations, email

June 2-4

3-day weekend paddle, limit 12.

  • Friday: Put-in at Mattaseunk Dam between Medway and Mattawamkeag. Paddle mostly swiftwater 7 miles from Mattaseunk Dam to Tannery Row Campsite in Winn.
  • Saturday: Paddle 9 miles to Medunkeunk Landing Campsite in Chester.
  • Sunday: Paddle 13 miles. Lunch at Mohawk Campsite, and take out there or in Howland above the West Enfield Dam. June 3 is National Trails Day.

July 8-13

6 day tuition paddle, hopefully with cultural teaching from Penobscot Nation. Limit 12. (Leave cars for resupply at Nibezun.)

  • Day 1: Mattaseunk Dam to Tannery Row Campsite 7 miles.
  • Day 2: To Medunkeunk Landing Campsite 10 miles.
  • Day 3: To Mohawk Campsite 9 miles.
  • Day 4: To Nibezun Campsite 14 and a portage; resupply food and water from cars.
  • Day 5: To Riverbilly’s Retreat (5.5 miles).
  • Day 6: To Indian Island. Visit Indian Island Museum if open. Take-out at Old Town Boat Launch. Shuttle to Nibezun for cars.

July 29-30

Whitewater and Tidewater Trip. 2-day paddle from Old Town to Orrington. Limit 12.

Whitewater day from Old Town (Binette Park) to Penobscot Salmon Club Campsite, Brewer. 13 mi. (Quick stops at SW French Island and Oak Glen campsites). Park cars at PSC.

Tidal paddle from Brewer to Orrington Campsite 9 mi. (HT 9:00 am, LT 3:00 pm) Annual Meeting 1:00-3:00 pm at Orrington Campsite.

Aug. 11-15

Whitewater and Tidewater Trip. 

5-day paddle from Howland Boat Launch to Bucksport. Leave cars in Bucksport (Cloe arranging.) Limit 12.

  • Day 1: Howland Boat Launch to Nibezun Campsite 9 mi
  • Day 2: To Ketawamkihtek Campsite 13 mi.
  • Day 3: To Oak Glen Campsite 9.5 mi. and a portage.
  • Day 4: To Orrington campsite 14.5 mi.
  • Day 5: To Bucksport/Verona 12 mi. HT 9:01 am. Leave at 8:00 am. Take-out in Bucksport.

Aug. 26

1 or 2-day flatwater paddle on Sunkhaze Stream, into the Penobscot to Ketawamkihtek Campsite. (Option to paddle 1-day Sunkhaze Stream only.) Limit 12.

Sept. 8-11

4-day paddle Medway to Howland. Limit 12.

  • Day 1: Medway Boat Launch to Tannery Row Campsite 15 and a portage.
  • Day 2: To Medunkeunk Landing Campsite 10 mi.
  • Day 3: To Mohawk Campsite 9 mi.
  • Day 4: To take-out at Merrill Brook 4 mi.