Penobscot River Paddling Trail

Multi-Day Trips

Two-day and three-day trips, north to south. Refer to trip numbers from our one-day trip suggestions.

Trips 1-3 may be combined into a two-day or three-day trip without the need to portage. Camping possibilities are Tannery Row Campsite at River Mile 15, Medunkeunk Landing Campsite at RM 25, and Mohawk Campsite at RM 34.

Trips 4-5 may be combined for a two-day trip, camping at Nibezun Campsite, RM 48, or Riverbilly’s Retreat Campsite at RM 53.5, or Ketawamkihtek Campsite at RM 61.

Please note: Any of the above trips may be further combined, but portages of dams would be involved.

For a tidewater paddling trip, combine Trips 7-8, Maps 9-11. To connect the two trips, paddle 5 additional miles from Hamlin’s Marina to Sturgeon Leap Campsite in Orrington, so named for sturgeon-watching from the picnic table. Located at the site of a former gravel pit, the future Al Baker Landing will be built adjacent to the campsite. The next day will require an early start at high tide in order to make it down to Bucksport before the wind comes up from the sea.

Extended trip, Maps 8-11. Below the Milford Dam in Old Town, the river flows free of dams for 34 miles from Old Town to Bucksport. It includes a challenging whitewater day from Old Town to Bangor/Brewer. The rest is tidally influenced. Campsite possibilities include SW French Island Campsite at RM 64, Oak Glen Campsite at RM 70.5, Penobscot Salmon Club Campsite at RM 76, Sturgeon Leap Campsite at RM 85. The final day from Sturgeon Leap to Bucksport requires an early start on a high tide in order to make it down to Bucksport before the wind comes up from the sea.

The whole enchilada! 100 miles Medway to the Sea.

Please read the one-day trip descriptions for more details.

  • Day 1: Medway Boat Launch put-in, 15 miles plus a portage to Tannery Row Campsite.
  • Day 2: Tannery Row Campsite 10 miles to Medunkeunk Landing campsite.
  • Day 3: Medunkeunk Landing Campsite 9 miles to Mohawk Campsite.
  • Day 4: Mohawk Campsite 14 miles plus a portage to Nibezun Campsite.
  • Day 5: Nibezun Campsite 5.5 miles to Riverbilly’s Retreat Campsite, or add 8 more miles to
  • Ketawamkihtek Campsite.
  • Day 6: Riverbilly’s Retreat Campsite to SW French Island Campsite, 10 miles plus a portage.
  • Or Ketawamkihtek Campsite to SW French Island Campsite, 3 miles plus a portage.
  • Day 7: SW French Island to Oak Glen campsite, 6.5 miles.
  • Or SW French Island to Penobscot Salmon Club Campsite, 12 miles.
  • Day 8: Oak Glen Campsite to Sturgeon Leap Campsite, 15 miles.