Penobscot River Paddling Trail



  • Medway area: Pine Grove Campground, 4 miles upriver from the Medway Boat Launch. Good place to camp and start paddling the trail. They are canoeist friendly, offer transportation and parking for a fee. The 4-mile paddle to Medway is on flatwater. Contact: or (207) 746-5172 in season. 
  • Mattawamkeag area: Mattawamkeag Wilderness Park and Campground, 8 miles from the Penobscot River. Contact: or (207) 736-4881 or (207) 290-0205.     
  • Chester/Lincoln area: Eagle Lodge and Camps on Folsom Pond, 4 miles from Penobscot River. Contact: (207) 794-2181 or
  • Howland/Passadumkeag area: Merrill Brook Cabins, Map 5, RM 38.2. Contact: or (207) 732-3115.
  • Passadumkeag area: Point Passadumkeag Cabins and Campground, Map 6, RM 44.  Contact: or (207) 732-3758 or (207) 732-5010.   

Guides, Recreational and/or Fishing

Outfitters and/or Canoe rental




  • Passadumkeag:   B&W Variety, 340 Main Rd., river left, just downstream of the Passadumkeag Boat Launch at Point Passadumkeag Cabins and Campground. Basic resupply, short order meals, good food, friendly service.  Map 6, RM 44
  • North Brewer: River’s Edge Store, pizza, subs, some groceries, refill water bottles. River left, a scramble up the bank.  Map 9, RM 73.8
  • Brewer:  Tozier’s Market. Supermarket river left downstream of the second bridge in Bangor/Brewer. Use a set of granite steps on the bank.  Map 9, RM 77.7


Brewer, north to south:

  • River’s Edge Store, river left up a steep bank,pizza, subs, bakery, refill water bottles. 207-307-7111.   Map 9, RM 73.8
  • Eagle’s Nest Restaurant, river left up a very steep bank. Full meals, B,L,D. Map 9, RM 73.9
  • High Tide Restaurant, river left (northernmost bridge in Brewer)
  • Mason’s Brewing Company, river left just downstream of a small riverside park. Map 9, RM 78


  • Sea Dog Restaurant, river right at second bridge. Tie up to floating dock, or at public wharf for power boats.
  • Geaghan’s Pub and Brewery, river right. Tie up at public wharf for power boats. A 10-minute walk through Bangor Waterfront Park.

Hampden:  Kimberly’s Restaurant at Hamlin’s Marina. Indoor and outdoor dining, take-out orders.  Bathrooms for paddlers in parking lot.  Map 10, RM 80

Bucksport has several restaurants to choose from. Tie up at the public wharf.